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Atari Jaguar Rarity Guide

Since the Jaguar is still a relatively young system, it's generally pretty easy to build up a sizeable collection of Jaguar games. This also means that there aren't too many extremely rare Jaguar titles. A good majority of Jaguar games can still be purchased new from several vendors, although building a large collection of Jaguar titles in this fashion can be very expensive. You're not likely to find many Jaguar games at flea markets and thrift stores, however, since the Jaguar wasn't exactly a resounding success and didn't have great market penetration. So the primary means of acquiring Jaguar titles are through trading with other collectors, purchasing them new, or buying them on an online auction site such as eBay.

Unlike with the 5200 and 7800, Atari was actually able to convince many third-party companies to produce software for the Jaguar. There are a good number of companies developing Jaguar titles that were then published by a smaller number of companies. We've listed the publishers on AtariAge as the company producing the title, but have included the name of the developer on the profile page for each game. Atari by far was the largest publisher of Jaguar games, followed by Telegames. There are many companies that only released a very small number of titles. Had the Jaguar been successful, many more third-party titles would have been released. We can only imagine how many Jaguar prototypes are out there floating around.

The rarity scale is a general indicator of how easy or difficult it is to come across a game. The scale starts at 1 (very easy to find) and finishes at 10 (nearly impossible to locate). Thanks to auction sites such as eBay, even extremely rare games come up for auction frequently enough, but these often command a fairly high price depending on the rarity. If you have any comments about the listing of a title or its rarity, please post them to the Rarity Guide Message Board.

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